About TherapeutAix

About TherapeutAix

Founded in 2018, TherapeutAix is a life sciences consultancy company based in Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle), Germany. The team has worked together for more than 5 years, conducting project reviews, developing strategies and operationally delivered via a R&D Network – establishing best practices that now form the core of TherapeutAix.

Our goal at TherapeutAix is to help more medicines reach patients.

At TherapeutAix, we are impressed by the innovative science that promises to deliver new therapies to patients. But we are frustrated that, despite significant investment, great ideas are not always progressing through preclinical and clinical stages. At the same time, we see many projects continuing despite data suggesting to stop, and many good ideas fail without being properly tested. This results in a waste of time, effort, money and, most importantly, the opportunity to deliver new therapeutics to patients.

We understand the drivers, behaviours, and pressures that lead to this and believe we have the solution. Using our combined experience, knowledge and insights, we have developed a methodology to capture value and build confidence in key areas. Working alongside our clients and using collaborative challenge, we put ourselves inside your project to support rigorous and results-driven decision making and significantly increase the probability of success.

We created TherapeutAix because we like the challenge and genuine excitement it gives us in bringing molecules of promise to life. After many years in the pharmaceutical industry, we want to support emerging projects, and deliver new therapies to patients.

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