Inhaled Drug Delivery to the Lung

Inhaled Drug Delivery to the Lung
March 26, 2021 Amy

The Challenge:

TherapeutAix was approached by a small biotech company developing a device with the potential to enhance inhaled drug delivery to the lung. The company required guidance on the choice of indication and drug to provide proof of principle (PoP) for the enhanced delivery. 

We were requested to scan the existing inhaled drug landscape and provide recommendations based both on the potential to provide PoP and on the possibility to achieve a differentiated target product profile and positioning. 

The Action:

Our initial free of charge review identified top-level strategic options. This supported a formal agreement and conduct of a comprehensive analysis of potential indications, drug classes, and individual representatives, taking into account emerging trends, regulatory complexities, and the benefits and limitations of the client’s technology. We provided strong recommendations contrary to the client’s existing strategy, along with alternative recommendations which we believed offered a credible route forward. We used our networked R&D approach to provide the client with access to additional specific expertise. 

The Result:

TherapeutAix’ assessment was ultimately absorbed into the client’s strategy allowing effort to be focused on areas playing to the strengths of the delivery platform. 

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