The TherapeutAix Approach

The TherapeutAix approach

We have a passion for doing the right thing with the right molecules. Our mission is to help investors and project teams focus on the next step, and progress the right assets through the right decision-making programs with a line of sight to the next value inflection point and, ultimately, the clinic.

The team at TherapeutAix work alongside you, as an extension of your team, providing a science-led collaboration to identify challenges, plan solutions and obtain supporting data.

We know that every project is unique and for that reason, we provide a bespoke service ranging from advice to full operationalisation and project management.

Our three-stage approach provides structure and is flexible to best serve individual projects.

  1. We review the available data and identify gaps. Frequently these can be filled with data already available. As a next step, and working with the client, we define an optimal story, which may point to the requirement for more data.
  2. Together we establish a strategy to the next decision point, which optimally supports a way forward to clinical proof of concept. This involves identifying the best positioning for the developmental drug, and creation of a strategic plan.
  3. Utilising our network, we provide study protocols and concrete plans to build a complete knowledge base. If required, we provide project management to operationalise these studies. This step delivers key decision-making data.

It is all about Constructive Challenge

Our approach helps more good ideas succeed. We put ourselves inside the project. We capture and validate messages, challenge them, and build from there – our process is message-led, issue-driven and decision-focused.

For an Investor, we help you make data-driven investment decisions on programs and assets with early confirmation of value.

For a CSO or Project Team, by building translational and transitional integrity, we help maximise the attractiveness of your data package to a potential investor or partner.

For a Tech Transfer Office, we can present your data to meet investors’ or partners’ expectations, and recommend experiments that increase project attractiveness and credibility.

We help bring molecules of promise to life in a way that you will not have experienced elsewhere.

Rigorous and results-driven decisions to significantly increase the probability of success

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