TherapeutAix to attend the Extracellular Matrix Pharmacology Symposium

TherapeutAix to attend the Extracellular Matrix Pharmacology Symposium
March 22, 2021 Amy
Extracellular Matrix Pharmacology Symposium banner

TherapeutAix is attending the Extracellular Matrix Pharmacology Symposium hosted by network partner Nordic Bioscience on March 24th – 25th 

The online symposium will centre on the world of extracellular matrix proteins and tissue turnover and will also focus on key areas such as lung fibrosis (IPF), liver fibrosis (NASH), inflammatory bowel diseases (UC and Crohn’s) and kidney fibrosis (CKD, DKD) among others.  

It will be great to hear from expert speakers including Professor Aleksandar Krag, Dr Jannie Sand and keynote speaker Dr Mina Bissell.   

Whilst we are still living in uncertain times, TherapeutAix is passionate about keeping up to date with the latest scientific developments in our areas of expertise, and the symposium presents a great opportunity to catch up with contacts and collaborators – albeit remotely.   

Our work with Nordic Bioscience mostly revolves around biotech and pharmaceutical clients to build pre-clinical disease understanding and develop biomarker-led strategies for delivery of early clinical proof of concept. You can learn more about our collaborations and network here.  

Find out more about the two-day event here.