Collaboration and Outsourcing in Drug Discovery – Presentation

Collaboration and Outsourcing in Drug Discovery – Presentation
August 6, 2021 Amy

Last month, we had the pleasure of hosting the “Collaboration and Outsourcing in Drug Discovery” Workshop at this year’s Bio2Business BOS Virtual event.

The workshop provided an excellent opportunity to explain the TherapeutAix Approach, using science-led collaboration with our network of R&D partners to offer bespoke solutions to challenges.

Included in the workshop were talks from our friends and collaborators; Alderley Analytical (Paul Holmes), BioAscent (Phil Jones), Immunoconsulting Limited (Andrew Leishman) and Medicines Discovery Catapult (Graham Wilkinson), all sharing their own unique solutions to outsourcing.

As Darcey Black explains in his introduction:

‘This session isn’t a debate about which method of collaboration is better.  Instead, it’s about showing the audience what is out there and available, and what might fit their challenge best.’

You can access the full recording of our session here.

Please see below the programme of the workshop, and the relevant timecodes:

  • Darcey Black, TherapeutAix
    The TherapeutAix model for collaboration and outsourcing
    Timecode: 00.00
  • Andrew Leishman Immunoconsulting Limited
    Customer View: what clients look for in outsourcing
    Timecode: 12:34
  • Paul Holmes, Alderley Analytical
    Providing a bespoke offering for outsourcing
    Timecode: 21:56
  • Phil Jones, BioAscent
    The integrated drug discovery offering
    Timecode: 34:16
  • Graham Wilkinson, Medicines Discovery Catapult
    An alternative model for collaboration and outsourcing
    Timecode: 51:08
  • Simon Cruwys, TherapeutAix
    Q&A and summing up
    Timecode: 1:06:46

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