From the inception of TherapeutAix, a key aim has been to bring decision-making information within reach of smaller organisations. We have found that this can be done effectively using a workshop format, and we are supporting two different approaches.

We have created the first workshop format for project teams with activities ranging from data review to strategic discussions. These workshops address the specific needs of our clients in a cost-and time-effective manner. In line with the scope and the project’s needs, we bring key external stakeholders from our network and beyond to the discussion (e.g. regulatory or clinical specialists). We effectively create a critical mass and bring functional expertise to a smaller project team.

Our second workshop format is a crowd-funded solution whereby a consortium of companies can come together to work on precompetitive program aspects and share costs to obtain an output that describes clinical development options to a standard normally only accessible by large organisations. Outputs of this workshop include:

  • Analysis of the future competitive landscape
  • Marketing positioning aligned to potential TPPs
  • Evidence package and CDP outlines and cost
  • Market assumptions
  • NPV estimates

Each company involved in the workshop will also receive bespoke feedback, highlighting asset-specific opportunities and challenges.

**We are able to deliver these interactive workshops online – please enquire for more information**

If our workshops could help you make the right decisions for your asset, please get in touch with us – we would love to be involved in your project.

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