TherapeutAix NASH review article is now available online!

TherapeutAix NASH review article is now available online!
March 11, 2019 theraaixadsf418

At the end of last year, TherapeutAix published an article titled ‘The future R&D landscape in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis’ in Drug Discovery Today. The review aims to give drug discovery teams guidance on navigating the maze of information currently available on NASH and to provide pointers on areas to consider in early research projects.

The final version of the article has now been made available online by Elsevier. The full article, including full bibliographic details, is available for you for a limited period of time.

Click the link here to get free access to the article, which you can read and download before April 16th 2019.

The highlights of the article:

  • There is an unmet need for new therapies to treat NASH.
  • New therapies will have different modes of action, aligned to the stage of disease.
  • They must have additive benefit, in combination with emerging standards of care.
  • New biomarkers and pre-clinical models will facilitate drug research and development.
  • The new therapeutic approaches could permit individualised patient treatment. 

If you think we could help you optimise your drug discovery programme in fibrosis, NASH or other areas, or if you have a molecule with promise that you need our help with, please email us at or contact us here.