Workshops reloaded

Workshops reloaded
March 18, 2022 suecarr
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At TherapeutAix, we have a number of tools to support our clients. In addition to, for example, the MIRIADD approach and our R&D network, we organise and moderate bespoke workshops for our clients.

As workshops are a highly efficient and engaging means to work through scenarios and identify potential solutions, we are using them for several goals. These range from workshops to define organisational or projects strategies and identification of actions to operationalise them in the most effective way all the way through to workshops to support projects – for example, to problem-solve current issues or aligning a team and stakeholders on the optimal way forward.

What are the benefits of the workshop format?

From a technical perspective, workshops involve the broad team and bring multiple perspectives. This achieves team alignment and buy-in – and, along the way, this format can also uncover gaps in understanding and existing misalignments within a team. The discussions enabled by the workshop uncovers misconceptions and assumptions carried by individual team members/functions. Everyone sees and is part of the “working out”, which improves the likelihood of group ownership of the output.

For project-specific workshops, we look at and seek to align all input and dependencies from pre-clinical and clinical factors. The workshop format engages project team members at all stages to provide a common direction.

Success factors for workshops

  • In the preparation stage it is crucial for the client and TherapeutAix to identify and agree a clear objective and exactly what is in (and out of) scope.
  • It is important to ensure that the workshop is accessing all the relevant inputs.
  • Another key success factor is full engagement on the day – a significant investment in collective time but crucial to be fully focused on the process and aims. (We can structure the agenda to ensure there is adequate time for individuals to attend to other urgent business.)

How we can help your project

The TherapeutAix team is acting as a neutral and honest broker and takes the heat out of any internal sensitivities/hierarchical complications. Our techniques enable taking a step back, and then zooming in into crucial aspects to identify critical success factors as well as quick wins.
Do get in touch to discuss how our approach to workshops can help your organisation or project!