What’s it like to work with us?

What’s it like to work with us?
November 25, 2022 suecarr
the therapeutaix team

What’s it like to work with TherapeutAix, you may ask? While we have quite a bit of information on our website, here’s how a typical client of ours may use us in support of their R&D project.


Initial contact

We usually start with an initial video call to get to know each other, understand the nature and scope of the client’s project, and to have a high-level discussion of the client’s needs and what’s required to meet them. If we feel we have the expertise to help, the typical next step is to establish a confidentiality agreement, which allows us to review a more extensive dataset and perform our initial review.


Our free initial review

Most customers are surprised when they learn that we offer a free review and feedback on their project. So why do we do this? There’s really a number of reasons:

  • We get to know the project and can assess whether, and how, we may help.
  • If it falls outside of our expertise – we’ll tell our customer, and frequently can refer them to another group with the appropriate expertise.
  • It gives the customer an experience of our work. Trust us, you’ll like it!
  • Typically, we highlight key project messages and identify challenges arising from the data (or lack thereof) to support these. We’ve heard quite often that the data is there and just wasn’t presented – an easy way for our potential customers to refine their presentations.
  • As in any team, we have a range of experiences which are combined in providing feedback. Four minds are better than one!
  • We provide a quote for costs and timelines based on what we review and what we believe is required.

We usually complete this initial review within 2 weeks.


Debriefing and next steps

In a follow-up call, we present our review findings and discuss the next steps. This could be the end of our involvement, or we can proceed to contracting. Listing all the ways we can engage – from a fixed rate to hourly fee, strategic advice to operationalising studies,   virtual interactions, and on-site workshops – would require another blog. But it’s safe to say that the customer is always in control of what, and how, we contribute our expertise to projects. This model works for us too: our metrics show that our free initial review feedback leads to a contract in over 80% of cases, so we must be getting something right!

If you’re now curious about how it is to work with us – let us know and give it a go!

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